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Reflective Project

The IBCP Reflective Project is an in-depth body of work produced over an extended period and submitted in year 2 of the career-related programme. Through the Reflective Project, students identify, analyse, discuss and evaluate an ethical dilemma associated with an issue from their career-related studies. This work encourages students to engage in personal inquiry, intellectual discovery, creativity, action and reflection, and to develop strong thinking, research and communication skills.

Students will start the Reflective Project with the diploma programme students in term 3. The IBCP students will receive support not only in tutor/ assembly time but also in their personal and professional skills lessons with focus on structure, referencing, and scaffolding. ?

Students will receive a supervisor from career-related area of study. The first role of the Reflective Project supervisor is to provide guidance in areas of ethical concerns in their CRS studies. The second is to provide support with research, analysis, discussion and evaluation of the student’s findings around that area of ethical study. Students must communicate for regular 1-1’s with their supervisor, they will also benefit from a collapsed-curriculum day. 

The Reflective Project is assessed using grades A to E, with A representing the highest level of achievement.  A minimum of 50 hours is expected to be devoted to the essay.